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Designing the future of Car Insurance

Discovery and service design project to create a shared vision for the ideal Car Insurance service of the future.


Introducing service design methods to create a comprehensive view of business processes and customer expectations, enabling coherent and cost-effective change efforts towards a unified strategic vision.

Co-op insurance asked Common Good to help them understand consumer expectations when interacting with their Car Insurance product.

Examining the service from both the customer and business perspective, generated problems, barriers and opportunities, supported by cross-departmental discussions helped start to inform design discussion for the ideal future user journey.

To support tangible strategic recommendations, we created a prioritised opportunity backlog with supporting business cases.


We collaborated with internal teams in our design process to learn more about the business, sector and customer.

We conducted a market trend analysis to determine what the drivers for change are in the car insurance sector. Customer support calls provided additional insight, supported by customer interviews, and their feedback relating to satisfaction when using the service.

Co-creation workshops with stakeholders and ideation sessions produced a range of hypotheses and concepts to test and validate.

Outcomes and outputs

Delivering a series of outcomes and outputs to improve the Co-op current service, and re-imagine the Car Insurance value proposition based on emerging technologies and market developments.

The end-to-end ideal service map included updated interactions with customers and highlighted where opportunities existed to optimise communication and internal processes.

To support our findings, we designed and produced a series of design fiction posters to be displayed in the working environment to help bridge the gap between today and the future.

The opportunity backlog included supporting visual artefacts to use for future prioritisation exercises, help internal stakeholders understand how the opportunities would help re-imagine the Car Insurance service, and where they existed in the customer journey.

The prototype facilitated:

  • Personas and emotional states artefacts
  • Market trends and competitor analysis
  • End-to-end customer and business service map
  • Design fiction future vision
  • Backlog of 50 opportunities and hypotheses to test
  • 15 actionable business cases


By involving stakeholders in the design process and visualising the big picture of the service we helped them break silos as well as make informed strategic decisions towards the ideal service vision.

Introducing service design methods to the car insurance team helps with new ways of working and enables the team to adopt new approaches and processes when elevating the customer experience.

The visual artefacts tell a story of how the business operates, where the breakpoints are, and helps align departments towards a shared strategic vision for a smarter future.

We demonstrated the role of Design Thinking in facilitating transformation within the established organisation at scale and pace.


  • Identified opportunities for significant cost-saving
  • Improved customer understanding
  • Shared view and understanding of business processes
  • Future-gazing vision and a clear direction for change
  • Introduction of service design methods and collaborative techniques
  • Actionable toolkit and next actions
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