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Sprytar & Manchester City Council

Facilitating park visits using Augmented Reality

Experience design workshop with Sprytar, Infinity Works and Manchester City Council focused on identifying human-centred approaches to engaging park visitors in novel ways through AR technology.


We wanted to understand park visitors and identify opportunities to leverage their experience. We sought to motivate people to spend more time in nature by engaging them in novel ways through technology.

Sprytar asked us to facilitate a collaborative workshop with Manchester City Council and technology specialists to uncover Sprytar users, what is the ideal user journey and how we can incorporate Sprytar to improve the experience of parks and visitor attractions.

Using our outside perspective and human-centred design approach we examined the journey from a user and business viewpoint.

To document insights and findings we produced artefacts and opportunities which created an aligned vision for Sprytar app.


Ideating together with experts from Manchester City Council we uncovered key target users and their needs. The session considered various scenarios and turned them into app features in collaboration with developers from Infinity Works.

We approached this workshop with a product analysis of the Sprytar app, determining any initial problems and opportunities for the functionality of the application.

Our team facilitated activities to get the multi-disciplinary teams working outside of their comfort zone and start thinking about the park visitors we are designing for.

Through our collaborative process we were able to understand the existing journey of the user and arrive at some opportunities for functionality of the Sprytar app.

Sprint Design

A collaborative workshop designed to encourage teams to think beyond their expertise. Empathise with the user, recognise the pain points and suggest improvements for the Sprytar app.

All findings and insights were captured on an end-to-end user journey map, behavioural persona templates and priority leaderboard. The visual representation of interactions with users highlighted how Sprytar could communicate and notify users during their visit to park and public attractions.

As a team we focused on two main persona groups – fitness fanatics and families with children. Discussing their needs, behaviours and frustrations with parks we could suggest opportunities to improve their experience aided by Sprytar.

To make meaningful suggestions we needed to understand the user journey before offering any functionality recommendations.

Workshop outputs

  • Park behavioural personas
  • End-to-end user journey map
  • Identified opportunities on journey map
  • Priorities leaderboard
  • Opportunity backlog (now, next, future)
  • Functionality recommendations


The co-creation session introduced human-centred design methods to ensure the app is designed with people’s needs in mind balanced with technical requirements and business viability for Manchester City Council.

Introducing human-centred design methods to Sprytar it sparked new ideas for change, with new ways of working which will put the user at the heart of shaping the user journey.

By involving members from Sprytar and Manchester City Council in this design process allowed us all to look at the bigger picture of the user and agree on an aligned goal for the future which would attract more visitors to parks and local attractions around Manchester.

Using visual artefacts helped create shared understanding. We undertook the role of facilitators to spark innovation, align teams and provide the space for people to think about the future.


  • Improved user understanding
  • Holistic view and shared understanding of user journey
  • Introduction of service design methods and collaborative techniques
  • Identified opportunities for functionality
  • Actionable strategic plan for now and the future
  • Cross-departmental teamwork
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