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Well Pharmacy

Understanding prescription services

A deep-dive exploration to understand prescriptions, frame opportunities and build a shared vision for future growth.


Nearly half of the UK population relies on repeat prescriptions to manage their health. Well Pharmacy asked us to help understand how can we meet the raised expectations of patients while delivering a profitable prescription service.

We discovered that the underlying system in place was inapt to meet customer expectations around efficiency and digital services.

The team identified four different types of prescription users. Mapping out their emotional and practical journeys highlighted vital moments to optimise the experience of receiving prescriptions.

Synthesising the end-to-end processes using a service blueprint created a shared understanding among stakeholders and a set direction of business priorities.


By applying human-centered design, we understood the needs of prescription users and how to translate them into business value.

During this project, we adopted a human-centred approach – speaking directly to patients and pharmacists in stores across the country to understand the experience of the prescription service from their point of view.

We also engaged stakeholders from all organisational levels to create a holistic picture of operations, regulations and interactions with customers. By visualising insights around users, processes and technology systems, we were able to pinpoint opportunity areas and create a shared vision.


Balancing the business objectives of reducing operational cost and increasing revenue with the patient needs of ease and reliability led to the creation of an improved, reassuring repeat prescription service.

We created various design artefacts to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration. The toolkit included in a customer journey map that highlighted opportune moments to engage with patients in better ways. The service blueprint visualises the internal process and displays customer interactions to highlight areas of opportunity to optimise.

The guiding design principles for the overall customer experience aimed at supporting the internal teams in implementing the strategic recommendations.

Prescription service design pillars

  • Convenience  - optimised service for accessibility and ease
  • Reliability -  consistently meeting patients' expectations
  • Communication  -  improving information flow between patients, surgeries and pharmacy
  • Value -  clear understanding of prescription options and related services
  • Flexibility  - responsiveness to the patient’s individual needs and preferences


Direction setting and business cases enabled a shared vision of mitigating current risks and exploring growth opportunities.

The strategic roadmap backed by six business cases were developed to communicate the value of a design-led approach that aligned the leadership and digital teams.

Our outside-in perspective for an established business and the outcomes of research facilitated cross-silo collaboration, plus promoted the shared understanding of the current challenges and opportunities across the organisation.

Benefits and value

  • Improved staff experience
  • Cost saving
  • Timely triggers for action
  • Automating administrative tasks
  • Freeing time for core pharmacy activities
  • Improved flow and visibility of tasks
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  • Wellcome Trust

    Applying design to increase funding in mental health research

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