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Well Pharmacy

Prototyping digital consent for services

Service design and prototyping project, to provide a faster, smarter and more convenient New Medicine Service.


A rapid UX discovery into Well’s current offering of health services to highlight and determine opportunities for digital transformation.

Pharmacies across the UK offer various NHS services sparing the need to visit the GP. There is little to no awareness among customers. We explored how to make health services accessible and manageable for pharmacy staff and customers.

Observational studies and interviews across pharmacies uncovered paper based processes and disconnected legacy systems, which created challenges for employees to manage time and tasks.


Working in close collaboration with Well’s digital team we reimagined the end to end service vision for services and prioritised a focus area to prototype.

Bringing together a multidisciplinary team we combined a variety of methods spanning qualitative research, mapping of the existing paper based process/experience, and discovery into the current pharmacy technical architecture.

We conducted field research in Well pharmacies to understand customer and staff needs and business priorities. Visualising concepts with storyboards and opportunity mapping, we created a backlog of assumptions and hypotheses.


Adopting the lean method of build, measure, learn guided by user research, testing and feedback enabled us to trial digital consent in pharmacies, and iterate the new service in 8 weeks.

Co-creating concepts with pharmacy customers and staff to gain feedback and iterate quickly. We created a series of prototypes from lo-fi paper and clickable prototypes to high fidelity browser prototyping.

Built on AWS cloud infrastructure for faster, simpler and flexible provision, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was designed to have simple, accessible, and ergonomic interaction to meet the needs of users.

The prototype highlights included:

  • Compliance with GDPR regulations
  • Automated eligibility process
  • Integration with existing pharmacy systems
  • Simpler task management
  • Trialed across 3 Well pharmacies
  • Product backlog and service roadmap 


Digital transformation of the New Medicine Service gave pharmacists and employees time back to care for patients and facilitated opportunity to scale products across other services.

The discovery insights led to further prototype transactions that link customers to services, complete website redesign to connect customers with accessible service-focussed content as well as a proof of concept end-to-end service transformation. Delivering a holistic view of patient and business needs and digitally supported actionable plan that would play into a strategic cost saving for the business.


  • Improved customer & employee experience
  • Streamlined & automated admin processes
  • Risk reduction & strategic cost saving for business
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