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Well Pharmacy

Service transformation for repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescription dispensing is a core pharmacy activity and a source of revenue to Well Pharmacy.

This project focussed on simplifying and improving the process of managing repeat prescriptions in store for staff and customers.


Meeting customers and speaking to pharmacists helped us understand the challenges around prescriptions ordering and how human errors often contribute to break points in the service.

Multiple sources of information created bottlenecks in the process, with no direct route to feedback and trigger the next action.

A visual end-to-end map of the current process illustrated the bottlenecks and the source of pain points. These findings highlighted where behavioural interventions are required to support the new service and inform what to prototype.


Co-creation workshops with Well's internal teams produced a range of ideas to optimise the prescription service.

Synthesised research findings led to formulating design principles and value propositions for each stage of the service.

Personas and user needs framed who we were designing for from patients, to pharmacy staff and GPs.

Further service mapping took place to identify opportunities which turned into transformational and tactical experiments to test.


Prototypes of a digital prescription management system helped test our assumptions and understand how we could best meet the needs of patients and pharmacy staff.

The prototypes varied from paper to clickable digital prototypes that we trialled in selected pharmacies with staff and customers.

The mixture of prototypes helped simplify the validation of patient exemption and claiming fees from the NHS, as well as notifying customers when their prescription is ready to collect.

Other highlights from the prototype

  • Simple sign-up to the service
  • Reminder prompt to order on time
  • Visual task management for staff
  • Automated request to the surgery
  • Salience and traceability of key info
  • Automated stock ordering


A complex paper-based prescription management system was streamlined into a simple, efficient workflow and customer service supported by digital tools.

We produced an actionable toolkit to enable Well teams to continue testing the identified opportunities and implement them at scale.

Additional work included understanding how to use technology as an enabler for customer service to improve the staff experience and give more time back for core pharmacy activities.

Benefits and value

  • Paperless repeat prescription management
  • Significant cost saving
  • Automating administrative tasks
  • Transparency of live data
  • Improved flow and visibility of tasks
  • Timely triggers for action
  • Well Pharmacy

    Improving the prescription collection service

  • Well Pharmacy

    Building a simpler, smarter, store finder

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