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Designing a digital product for order tracking

Digital product creation and service transformation, created to improve the user experience for tracking an order.


Without a live customer account Canyon’s customers had no way of self-serving to establish the status of their order or make minor changes.

The lack of ability to track an order resulted in a high volume of inbound calls to Canyon’s global service centre creating a high amount of traffic for employees, and a large amount of frustrated customers enquiring about their order.

Our ambition was to give customers greater access and transparency of information, in turn reducing inbound contacts to save time and money for the business. We designed and released a new self-service digital product in 16 weeks.


Our design team adopted the jobs-to-be-done framework and spent 3 weeks co-located in Canyon's HQ to co-create and implement an order tracking service.

In close collaboration we tracked and analysed data from all inbound calls, emails and LiveChat conversations to clearly understand needs and barriers for customers. We discovered and modelled five primary jobs customers were trying to get done but couldn’t achieve in the existing system.

We partnered with Canyon’s internal IT team and software engineers to facilitate the design and development of a customer-centric order tracking platform via a series of design sprints. Canyon IT provided API data, software designers WYSIWYG provided platform knowledge while we brought design facilitation and user experience insight. Co-creation, co-location and rapid browser prototyping were all essential ingredients in achieving success at pace.


Quick design sprints and prototyping allowed us to create a new service, the focus of which was to use data and feedback to inform improvements for the second phase public beta.

Our initial focus was on the launch of a minimum viable product to test with a smaller group of Canyon customers. Using data and feedback to inform improvements for the phase 2 public beta.

The order tracking prototype is designed to help customers self-serve without the need to login or set up an account. It allows access to the information via customer and order number only. The live information is broken down into easily digestible chunks and is presented with a clear and friendly tone of voice, providing customers with an openness and transparency of information.

The prototype included:

  • Visualise where they are in the order process
  • View live information about order dispatch
  • Track exact location and expected delivery time
  • View their payment status
  • Receive easily digestible information
  • Alpha test with 300 Canyon customers


Order tracking service resulted in customers being able to obtain real time purchase status and significantly improved their post-purchase experience.

The new order tracking service was launched in early 2017 enabling customers to get quick and easy updates wherever and whenever they choose.

The data behind the service continues to inform improvements and to ensure the service is meeting both its business objective to reduce inbound calls, and ultimately make life easier for customers.


  • Launched in April 2017 with 1,673,554 page views in 6 months
  • Average 2 minute usage time
  • Reduction of inbound calls to service centre resulting in €2.5M cost savings
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