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Well Pharmacy

Building a simpler, smarter, store finder

Strategic design and proof of concept project to improve the user experience of finding a pharmacy.


When sourcing information such as opening hours or store location, Well's previous store finder did not conform to best practice and most importantly, it didn't meet user needs.

Locating a store is the main reason people visit Well online, yet the previous store finder wasn’t optimised for mobile small screen sizes and touch interfaces. We needed to design a responsive, smart, easy to use product.

Staff and delivery drivers depend on accurate store data and a poor experience store finder introduced organisational difficulty and errors. We needed to design a more user-friendly online and mobile experience that would support customer and staff needs by providing specific, reliable information in a timely and accessible manner.


Adopting the lean method of build-measure-learn guided by user research enabled us to test, validate and launch the new service in just 7 weeks.

With initial research in the existing data analytics, user experience review and technical database audit, we created a set of parameters and measures to make into hypotheses to test.

Applying field research by both speaking with customers and Well employees gave us insight into both user’s needs. A key learning being that this needed to be designed for a broad range of people using it – potentially ill, sick or stressed patients or carers. This was all taken into consideration during ideation and prototyping.

We also identified that people not only wanted to find a store based on their current location, but also find out about services, opening hours and closing times.


Short design sprints and rapid prototyping enabled speed and risk reduction in launching an alpha version of the product.

We designed for accessibility, clarity and the ‘common case’ first; making sure to create a backlog of assumptions and hypotheses against the product roadmap. We considered the needs of employees, predominantly delivery drivers, who benefitted from quickly seeing clearer information for specific stores they were visiting.

We built a series of prototypes to test from paper-based to functional browser prototypes built on AWS cloud infrastructure for faster, simpler and flexible provision. And we engaged with pharmacy customers and staff to gather feedback, learn and launch an alpha that could be A/B tested live.

The team started to create the foundations of Well’s new design system library and prototyping kit, emulating GDS example frameworks to build and evolve assets predominantly focussed on accessibility and inclusivity.

The prototype included:

  • Simplifying to one page per branch
  • Helping patients & staff with clear relevant information
  • Accurate opening hours & contact details
  • Supplying individual store services information
  • Internal store & region number search functionality for staff
  • Faster, simpler and more flexible via cloud infrastructure


Re-designing the store finder experience, it’s simpler and faster to find any local Well store or opening hours.

The new store finder benefits both customers and staff who use it when they’re on the road, visiting stores.

It includes opening and closing hours, specific pharmacy services available in each store with clearer language to describe them, store information for delivery drivers and contact details for advice.

Rather than showing a page with ‘no results’ if the nearest Well store is miles away, we signposted users to the NHS website to provide care for patients who are not Well customers; making the service accessible for all.


  • Most visited page on the Well website after the homepage
  • Accessibility standard design
  • Easy navigation to the 780 stores across England, Wales and Scotland
  • Well Pharmacy

    Service transformation for repeat prescriptions

  • Well Pharmacy

    Understanding prescription services

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