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Common Good is a strategic design agency.

We partner with small to large-scale organisations to identify and realise opportunities that re-imagine and design experiences that meet customer and business needs. We develop organisational capability, encouraging teams to experiment with diverse approaches and emerging technologies.

Research & Discovery

Discovery enables teams to confidently set off down the path to better, simpler and more complete design solutions. We help clients understand and identify market trajectories, emerging technologies, as well as user expectations and behaviours. Analysing and structuring research and insight to facilitate informed direction setting. Outcomes are meaningful, accessible, and most importantly, actionable.

How we helped Well Pharmacy transform prescriptions

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Strategy & Vision

The role of strategy is to direct business action towards a desired outcome. The role of design is to determine the right kind of action and outcome. Combined – business strategy and design thinking deliver a powerful hybrid vehicle towards innovation and creating a vision for transformation. We shape product visions, strategies and roadmaps.

How we helped Co-op design their future for car insurance

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Experience & Service Design

Organisations of all sizes need to adapt to the pace of evolving customer expectations and digital channels. Our user-centred design approach for products, services and experiences create tangible artefacts that visualise the end-to-end experience for the customer; as well as the business processes, operations and systems. Service mapping allows clients to understand a more holistic view in delivering an experience.

How we helped NHSBT redesign the blood donation experience

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Rapid Prototyping

Proof of concept and prototyping underpins our evidential, learn-by-doing approach to design at Common Good. Our project teams work with practical tools and lean techniques to help test risky assumptions and continuously improve ideas. Prototyping communicates intent to stakeholders. It makes strategy a reality and is a valuable co-creation technique for aligning teams and understanding users needs.

How we helped Canyon Bicycles design a digital product

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Product Design Sprint

We help companies create better, innovative products. A product design sprint is a collaborative process that starts with a design challenge and ends with a tested prototype in five days. The process is facilitated to spark innovation, encourage user-centred thinking, align your team towards a shared vision and get to the right product for your users faster.

Designing a digital service for refugees to generate income

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Design Facilitation & Leadership

Strategic design brings practical tools and techniques to foster customer-centric culture. We work in close partnership with clients, delivering solutions collaboratively and building capability. We bring a valuable outside perspective and a wealth of experience supporting and facilitating transformation programs. We strive to create continuous value via a commitment to working across organisational silos and instilling a relentless focus on the customer.

Facilitating park visits using Augmented Reality

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