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Product design sprint

Get to the right product for your users faster

We reduce risk by testing product concepts before you invest time and money into building and launching them using a product design sprint, a 5-phase exercise, uses design thinking to reduce the inherent risks in successfully bringing products to market. A product design sprint is a collaborative process that starts with a design challenge and ends with a tested prototype in five days.

Why do a product design sprint?

Product design sprints are useful starting points when kicking off a new feature, product, business or solving problems with an existing product.

The process is facilitated to spark innovation, encourage user-centred thinking, align your team towards a shared vision and get to the right product for your users faster.

The benefits:

  • Increase your speed and make critical decisions fast
  • Reduce risks of bringing products to market
  • Orient entire team around a clear goal
  • Make ideas real and tangible
  • Get feedback from real users
  • Less talk, more action

What is the outcome?

At the end of every design sprint you’ll have an interactive prototype, tested with real users, and some clear actions and next steps to guide decisions. After the sprint, you could use a second sprint to develop the concept further or we can help you build and launch the product with a longer product design project.

Sprint framework:

  • Day 1: Knowledge sharing
  • Day 2: Explore the posibilities
  • Day 3: Select ideas
  • Day 4: Make a prototype
  • Day 5: Test with real users

Who we've sprinted with

We’ve facilitated sprints to design products for client such as United Nations, Canyon Bicycles, and the NHS.

“Common Good's human-centred design approach to solving problems helped define Ethics Kit and use of tools. From discovery to prototyping, the research and insight helped inform a potential solution to validate with real people.”

Phil Hesketh, founder of Ethics Kit

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