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Strategic Design

We anchor strategic design in real human needs, behaviours and expectations. We conduct customer research to understand the people we’re serving, in the context they live in and their landscape.

The Strategic Design Framework we use at Common Good considers external change drivers such as emerging tech trends and consumer behaviours as well as factors shaping the customer experience and business efficiency.

A human-centred approach opens up a new playing field of possibilities. It delivers actionable customer insight to inform advanced value propositions and craft original business models.

Strategic design brings practical tools and techniques to foster customer-centric culture and collaboration in teams. Making strategy tangible and visual builds confidence, clarity and alignment among stakeholders.

The iterative nature of design instils agility within business and ability to adapt strategy as customer expectations continually evolve.

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Common Good work with businesses and organisations which have a strong sense of purpose and values, and a clear reason to exist outside of just profit. We search out opportunities which allow us to take on new and diverse challenges, helping clients improve and grow their businesses through smart working and innovative thinking. We focus on becoming partners because our experience has shown us success is based on thriving relationships and teamwork.

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